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In need of a writing plan!

I’m a planner by nature, a list person, organised, which isn’t a bad thing, except when a plan doesn’t go to plan!

I had a plan when writing this current novel – to be written and published within the year (my previous novels took way too long to complete). Achievable, I thought, after all the professionals can do it in less time still.

Step 1 – January – April – Part One

Step 2 – April writing week –Part Two

Step 3 –May –July - remainder of Part Two and Part Three

Step 4 – August – October – edits and re-writes

Step 5 – November – January – professional editing

Publish Date: January 2019

Looks like a feasible plan, don’t you think?

Steps 1 and 2 went like a dream and by rights I should be handing this, as yet un-titled, WIP over to a professional editing service – only I’m not! In fact I’m not even on to Part Three!

A writing plan gone pear-shaped

I’ve found myself busy in my day job, busy in my own business, just busy in general.

My biggest problem is that when a plan goes to shit, I feel stressed, I feel a failure, I feel like giving up.

But I’m not a quitter, so my family tell me. I have a dogged determination that can be exhausting for everyone apparently. So I’ve made a plan, a new plan, with just one target for now – to complete the first draft by Christmas.

I normally like to write in big chunks of time but as I can’t afford the luxury of a retreat week between now and Christmas I’m trying a new tact – writing every day! Many authors swear by it, and I don’t just mean those who write for a living (that’s their job), I’m talking about those like me, who write because they can’t not, fitting their word count in between hectic jobs and hectic family lives.

Authors with agents and publishers have deadlines they have to meet; as a self-publisher my deadlines are my own and if not reached I face no consequence. So to help meet my personal deadline I’m sharing it with you. Making it real and not just in my head will help me stick to the plan and finish this book for Christmas!

So here goes – this is the plan

500 words per day before going to work

Simple? Yes. But to work for me I need to document my progress. I’m a bit of a sucker for excel so I have a chart listing the dates, number of pages written (I like to write in a notebook) and the daily word count. I tick off the date and fill it in each day. Already I’ve written for six days in a row with over 3000 words written. It may not sound a lot but believe me it’s 3000 words more than if I didn’t have a plan.

The act of ticking off the date and filling in the word count is not only encouraging, it’s a routine, and I’m a routine kind of girl.

So wish me luck in this new strategy! I’ll keep you posted on progress through Twitter and Facebook.

If there are any other writers out there struggling to meet their personal targets – let’s do it together!


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