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Updated: Mar 28

As I prepare to self-publish my third novel - A Different Happy - I'm feeling a little anxious. Not about the success of this latest novel, I loved writing it, I hope you'll love reading it, but in the end, what will be, will be.

No, I'm anxious about my family, and them staying safe during this pandemic. Scattered around Europe, and further afield, we've relied on Skype, Facetime and other communication methods for many years, and felt closer because of it. Now, with the fear of the unknown, these communication methods feel inadequate. They are no substitute for a face-to-face chat across the kitchen table, a hug when you come in the door or a kiss when you leave.

I know I should be writing about positive things, posting pictures of cute dogs (I have a seriously cute dog called Zack) or cheeky cats.

Or writing reassuring messages of hope and courage, but I can't, not while I'm so angry and upset by those out there who aren't taking this deadly virus seriously. Swarming to the beach or park, stockpiling groceries, crowding into the tube each day. Do these people think they are invincible? Do they believe this pandemic is all a storm in a teacup? Have they seen the heartbreaking news clips of those desperately ill, infected people speaking from their hospital bed?

The number of cases and number of deaths scrolling across our TV or phone screens every day are just that - numbers. It's easy to think that these scary situations are something happening elsewhere, to someone else. I hope that these heartbreaking interviews with patients and healthcare workers will be a wake-up call.

This is real! Stay indoors. Follow social-distancing rules. Make sure you and your family stay safe.

I think my new book title, A Different Happy, is quite apt. When this is all over, and we are free to mix with others, share meals, a beer, or a hug, we can be happy again. A different happy, one where we are even more appreciative of those we love and those who have looked after us throughout this challenging time.

Yet for many, the reality is they may lose a loved one and never be truly happy again.

I'll tell you more about my new book another time, today I feel sad.


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