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My 3 Festive Reads this Holiday Season

The halls are decked, the wine is mulled; time to light the fire and relax with a good festive book – except I couldn’t wait!

At the start of December, I selected 3 festive reads and downloaded to my Kindle. The choice of titles was vast, but my selection didn’t disappoint. Each of them was filled with just the right blend of family angst, romance and festive feel-good stuff.

If you’re looking for a good book this Christmas check out these 3 festive reads.

One Winter Morning by Isabelle Broom

The build-up to Christmas is anything but festive for Genie, only a reminder of the tragic death of her adoptive mother last Christmas Eve. She’d never felt so alone. When she discovers the identity of her birth mother and the fact that she’s half a world away in New Zealand, she abandons thoughts of a UK Christmas. She heads off to meet her birth mother, Bonnie, head-on, only to find she’s gone to England.

I’m not going to say too much else about the storyline, except that it is a tale of love, loss, happiness, guilt and new beginnings. I was emotionally involved with the characters from first meeting them, especially Bonnie, and her story of events leading up to giving Genie up as a baby.

When you add a location like New Zealand, which is now firmly on my ‘places to visit’ list, where you can feel the vastness of the mountains, the heat of the sun, and the beauty of the landscape, you really want to jump on a plane and head off to be a part of this emotional story of love, lost and found.

This was my first Isabelle Broom book, but most certainly not my last.

A Wedding in December by Sarah Morgan

When Rosie announces she’s engaged to be married to a man she’s known only a few months, and that the wedding is in Aspen on Christmas Eve, she has no idea of the turmoil it throws her family into.

Unbeknown to their daughters, Maggie and Nick, their parents are on the brink of a divorce. Not wanting to mar their daughter’s wedding day they agree to pretend all is well until after the wedding. What they didn’t bargain for were the romantic activities they would have to partake in, stirring up forgotten feelings in the irresistibly romantic winter wonderland they found in Aspen.

Katie, convinced her impulsive sister, Rosie, is making a huge mistake, flies off to Aspen determined to stop the wedding. She didn’t bargain on the handsome and rational best man, Jordan, scuppering her plan and seeing beyond the prickly facade to her inner conflicts and fears.

Despite Sarah’s breathtaking descriptions of the wintery setting, this book will give you a warm snug feeling inside. Christmas traditions, family dynamics and romance, new and reignited, and Sarah’s gift for storytelling makes this book a cosy Christmas read.

Snowflakes over Holly Cove by Lucy Coleman

Tia, a lifestyle magazine journalist, has been struggling to cope since her mother’s recent death. Relationships and Christmas are low on her priority list when her boss gives her an assignment about just that. A cottage set in cliffs and woodland looking out over the turbulent sea on the Gower coast becomes her home for the next six weeks while working on the articles.

The restorative sea air and the welcoming locals, including the handsome, rugged and at first surly taxi-driver, Nic, begins to mend her broken heart.

This book definitely has more than the cosy Christmas tale of boy meets girl, they don’t like each other, they kiss, they fall out again, and then the happy ever after, going on. There are many surprises, including family issues and unexpected events that will have you teary-eyed, chewing your nails, and rooting for Tia to get the happy ending she deserves.

In a nutshell this book has a beautifully rugged setting and heart-warming characters. It’s an emotional read, be prepared for tears and laughter, Lucy has a unique way with words.

So there you have it, my 3 festive reads for the holiday season. I’m sure there will be more as I curl up with too many chocolates and one too many glasses of mulled wine over the next few weeks.

If you’ve read a good Christmas book recently, I’d love to hear about it.


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