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Progress Update on Novel No.3

Finally my chewed up fingernails are given a break!

The email from Richard Bradburn, of Editorial.ie with his developmental edit on novel No.3 arrived in my inbox at the weekend.

I read the opening lines, letting out a sigh of relief... phew; it’s not absolute rubbish after all.

I wonder do all writers, even the really famous ones, still carry that nerve-wracking doubt when they send their completed manuscript off to their editor.

Anyway, back to mulling over the editing needed for novel No.3

Basically I can do the minor edits and publish a good book, or if I have the appetite for it I can do some serious revision on my main character’s arc. How easy it would be to deal with the minor edits, create a cover, reveal the title and self-publish next month. The benefit of this option of course is that I get to immerse myself in the world of book No.4

But then my inner gremlin pipes, up challenging me to turn my ‘good’ book into an ‘even better’ book. I’m fighting her, I am, but I have to admit that the more I read through Richard’s report, and the more I think about Joy, the main character, and the more I’m rising to the challenge of a major revision.

Of course this means publication will not be this summer, my original target date. But, as the saying goes – a good thing is worth waiting for – and who knows, maybe this book will be the one to get the attention of mainstream publishers.

Using the services of an editor like Richard Bradburn is an absolute must for any writer who wants their book to go out into the world the very best version of itself it can be.

“Rewritten in some way to accommodate this character development, as I think you absolutely have the talent to do, I think this would be an utterly compelling story”

You have no idea how much this little gem in Richard’s report made my day!

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