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My May Thriller Fest!

As if I don’t have enough going on with my job, my business and the writing tasks I set myself, in January I signed myself up to a Goodreads reading challenge. Focusing on keeping up with this challenge led me down a chilling, thrilling psycho read-a-thon.

I’ve now moved on to my family drama phase, but before I immerse myself in domestic trials and tribulations I thought I’d share these reviews of three favourite thrillers.

The Perfect Family – Shalini Boland

Wow!!! What a page turner. I usually only read a book as fast as this when I’m on holiday – but this one I just couldn’t put down.

Gemma is just like many women today, juggling a demanding job while looking after her family. Managing things is difficult enough but when her six-year-old daughter goes missing Gemma’s heart almost stops. Katie turns up pretty quickly after being found by Granny. Berated by her mother-in-law, Gemma succumbs to employing a live-in nanny. While not entirely comfortable with the situation Gemma does her best to bond with Sadie, after all the children love her, her husband likes the calm and order she’s brought to the house, and he likes her too.

When only Gemma seems to see the unravelling of her perfect family you’ll find yourself asking is there something sinister going on or is it all in Gemma’s head.

This psychological thriller is filled with suspense, tension, secrets and lies. And the twists and turns – well they just mess with your head, especially the unexpected twist at the end.

The Feud – Amanda James

The Feud is yet another brilliant edge-of-you-seat page-turner from Amanda James. Not only does Amanda write gripping suspense stories, her characters so real, the likeable ones as well as the scary ones! And then there's the setting, gorgeous Cornwall. I want to live there too!

A feud that began 200 years ago between the Penhallow and Trevelyan families is still alive with mistrust and hatred today for some family members. When Matt Trevelyan moves down to Cornwall from London to take a teaching post in St Agnes, the village of his ancestors it’s not long before he learns of the Feud and how deep-rooted it is.

Morvoran Penhallow wants Matt and his constant reminder of the long-standing feud and her own painful past with a Trevelyan, out of the village. She will stop at nothing, not even murder, to make it happen.

Of all the girls in all of Cornwall, Matt finds himself drawn to Lavender, Morvoran's granddaughter. This romantic angle weaves its way through the story, along with good old village gossip, true or otherwise, as the feud escalates with devastating consequences.

All-in-all a great read with a twist at the end I really didn’t see coming.

Stolen Sister – Linda Huber

The tragic beginnings of this suspense-filled book drew me right in there.

The first horror is when Paula, mother of three wakes to find herself trapped in a burning hotel building with her unconscious husband and six-day-old baby. Encouraged to drop her baby from a first-floor window into the arms of her friend Sylvie she does so, seconds before she perishes in the blaze.

As Maisie, an elderly aunt struggles to look after Paula’s orphaned children, Vicky and her brother Jamie, who has cerebral palsy she agrees to leave Erin, the tiny baby with Sylvie until she gets the other two children settled. The weeks tick by and when Maisie goes to collect Erin, Sylvie and the baby are nowhere to be found.

Twenty-two years later Maisie’s dying wish is for Vicky to find her sister Erin, the sister she has no recollection of, saying that they should be together.

Once I’d read the events of both girls leading up to this point I found myself excited for the sisters to meet, while anxious for their safety as Sylvie becomes more unhinged.There were definite nail-biting moments throughout this book, so much so that there were no nails left to bite by the time I reached the final pages!

If you can recommend a chilling thrilling psycho read I’d love to hear from you!


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