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Ideas for a new novel

This week I’ve been taking another little break from editing book 3.

Of course I can't switch of the brain for too long; a copious amount of reading crime novels, a completely different genre to what I write, helps. I’ve also found a renewed enthusiasm for knitting since getting a pattern and selection of wool which will make a cosy throw for my creative room.

Nevertheless I still find characters with ideas for a new novel tapping at my brain, asking for their story to be told.

I love starting a new project, there’s so much work to be done before writing those first words of the novel.

I have the basic idea, the journey from A. To B, this is the emotional journey of my main character - where she is at the beginning and where I want her to be at her end. It’s the events in-between, who she meets, the challenges she faces, that make the story.

So at the moment, that's all I have. Next I'll create the profile for my main character and the other important characters that are a part of her life.

I’ve decided on the setting - it's an allotment of around 20 plots. What I need to decide next is the location, I'm drawn to south west France. We had an apartment here for a few years, with a plan to move there permanently that didn’t materialise. There was a small allotment in the village and we were lucky enough to have a plot. That's where the seed was sown (forgive the pun).

Seeing the different plots, their layout and what the gardeners grow, not to mention the different characters we met there stirred the writer's nosiness in me. Here are a couple of photos of our allotment in South West France.

As for the rest of this story, you’ll have to wait a while, but I promise I'll update you on the progress in a future blog post.

I've always loved gardens - the gardening is more my husband’s domain... but one day when I retire I'm sure I’ll find time to get stuck in and get my hands dirty!

Until then I'm happy to create a few new characters for my new novel!


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