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My ReMarkable Writing Tool

I splashed out on a new writing gadget recently - and I love my ReMarkable writing tool!

My last blog was about giving myself a kick up the backside and getting stuck into writing the final section of this current work in progress. I'm pleased to report back that self-discipline has once more triumphed over self-criticism and I’ve written over 15000 words. I'm now on the final leg, the one where, just like reading a good book, you are torn between flying through to the end to see what happens, and drawing it out because you don't want to say goodbye to the characters you’ve grown to love, or hate.

Still as my plan was to write ‘The End' before Christmas, I'm well on track.

Now back to news of my ReMarkable writing tool!

It wasn’t cheap, I have to admit, and it doesn't come with a notebook cover you adore, or a favourite pen to write with, but I love it!

This digital device gives you a pen-to-paper writing experience that really is like writing on paper. Your pen makes that familiar scratchy sound. The words show up on the screen instantly; there’s no delay and no pixelated appearance. The device is pressure sensitive, you glide your pen lightly across the page, or if you like to write with power and purpose, the ReMarkable reflects your style.

That I5K words I've written this month are all on my new toy. I love the fact that the ReMarkable connects to Wifi and will backup all your work to the cloud. No more worry that my notebooks with precious thousands of words I haven't gotten around to typing up might get lost, or drown in the copious cups of cold tea that surround me when I'm in ‘the zone’!

And the icing on the cake –

Imagine my excitement when two weeks ago a major update was announced... Drum rolls here - the Remarkable can now convert my handwritten notes to typed text!!! It takes seconds to do and then all I have to do is email it to myself! From there, copy and paste into a word document and edit - Brilliant. This will save me hours of typing up my notebooks.

Now I have to admit, it's had difficulty ready some of my scrawl, but then even I have problems in that department.

Still it's given me a few chuckles this week, asking myself what on earth I was talking about.

'husky nerds'

‘a German couple carrying five Geeks'

Your guess is as good as mine!!

This ReMarkable digital device can do so much more, check it out here, it might be something for your Christmas wish list.


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