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One Ticked off the Bucket List

I guess we all have a bucket list of sorts; for some it will be jumping from an aeroplane, visiting the pyramids, swimming with dolphins; for me it’s more like publishing a book (tick), walking The West Highland Way (tick), seeing The Northern Lights. That being said last year I ticked off an awesome experience that I never imagined to be on the bucket list.

With fierce encouragement from my family I booked Lucie Al Photography for my Portrait Couture experience with immense trepidation. I worried that I was too old for this kind of thing, that it seemed incredibly vain of me. I hated having my photo taken... what had I just done?

How can I best describe my experience with Lucie Al Photography?

In three little words… Positive – Exhilarating – Fun

Lucie was amazing leading up to the event; her absolute conviction that every woman is beautiful and deserves to see herself as others do began to resonate and I became less anxious. As the day grew closer, with just a little hint of nervous butterflies, I started to look forward to the photo shoot.

Having said that, on arrival at Lucie’s new Ballincollig studio all of my earlier insecurities bubbled to the surface... I was terrified!

Lucie put me at ease with her welcome hug – armed with my suitcase and still damp hair I entered the bright and airy studio. I have to say Lucie has a lovely team working with her; they tamed my hair and applied my make-up promising to keep everything very natural – to be honest I was afraid of the finished look being over the top when I stood before the enormous un-forgiving mirror. Of course my worries were a total waste of energy; the girls had done an amazing job.

Posing for the photographs turned out to be great fun, I haven’t laughed so much in I don’t know how long. That being said, it was hard work too. You can never appreciate what goes into a photo shoot until you try it.

Lucie’s talent and professionalism as a photographer shines throughout as she says ‘Chin forward; turn to the left, no a little to the right.’ As ridiculous as I felt, I just did what I was told and quickly found myself gaining confidence and happy to pose. I was also itching to see the images Lucie kept oozing exciting and encouraging words about.

The big reveal

While the day was a fantastic experience, those little insecurities returned as I waited for my photo reveal two weeks later.

Back in the studio with nibbles and strawberries on the little side table I sat with Tom, my husband and nervously picked at my fingers. Lucie laid the photos on the table.

‘What if I don’t like them?’ I asked.

She replied quite simply, ‘If you don’t like, don’t buy.’

The photographs presented in a beautiful keepsake box are stunning, artistic and beautiful... and yes, despite my constant disbelief, they are me!

Lucie is an incredible photographer and a beautiful person. She is passionate about giving you an amazing experience, convincing you that you are truly beautiful. I never thought she could convince me, but she did. I love my photos, especially those taken with my husband, Tom; they capture who we are, two halves of a whole.

Thank you Lucie, for a fun day out, a collection of amazing photographs, and memories to treasure forever.


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