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Saltburn-by-the-Sea – Kyla’s home town

On a trip back to the north-east this month I took advantage of the lovely weather to do one of my favourite walks. The long sandy beach that stretches from Redcar to Saltburn has space enough for everyone.

Walking along the water’s edge, shoes dangling from my fingers, feet being lapped and massaged by cool waves of the North Sea, relaxes the body yet stimulates the mind. Even after 20 years of living in Ireland walking this beach feels like I’m home. Of course it’s helped by the warm bright sunshine and distinct absence of the biting north-east wind. Don’t be fooled it’s not always this romantic!

Still, walking hand-in-hand with my husband of almost 40 years, smiling at the antics of sea-loving dogs charging through the surf chasing after balls or Frisbees does bring back fond memories of writing Kyla’s Place. Kyla takes many beach walks with Larry her gorgeous water-loving Labrador. These walks are where Kyla vents her frustrations, reflects on her life and plans for her future.

Luckily for me Tom, my husband, had his camera with him on this walk. I’m ashamed to say I’m one of those people who only think of the camera when I see the perfect shot – usually well into the trip at the point of no return! Anyway, I took charge of the camera, seizing the opportunity to share a few photos of Saltburn beach and cliffs. If you’ve read Kyla’s Place or feel inspired to read it you might enjoy these...

Right - The Promenade - The lifts are an attraction from the Victorian Era, although Kyla’s youth and athleticism always lead to the many steps

The Ship Inn – the ideal stop for a well earned drink after a long beach walk.

The Beach – pebbly to begin with, then miles of sandy flatness

For me this day the treat when we reach Saltburn is a walk along the pier checking out the latest display by the ‘secret knitters’ and yummy fish and chips!

Check out Kyla’s Place – if you like what you see it’s available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback


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