Book cover Kyla's Place Sue Curran Writes,  Middlesbrough writer

Kyla's Place

Mums and daughters... how different can they be?


Kyla life is full on. She works hard at her job and has a social life filled with wild nights out, a string of failed romances, and long beach walks with Larry, her Labrador.


Despite being almost 30 and living in a different country, Kyla’s fiery temper and carefree lifestyle continue to clash with her mum’s prim ways.


 When she gets a call to say her mum is seriously ill, Kyla, shaken and scared dashes to Ireland, promising herself to try harder and be more tolerant. After all, your mum is your mum, right?


Convinced she is dying Kyla’s mum insists on revealing a life-long secret that sends Kyla on a downward spiral of anger and hurt.


Can unravelling the past give her answers and direction?


Kyla’s Place explores the intricacies of family relationships and how important a sense of belonging and of who we really are is so important to all of us.

Kyla's Place is the second women fiction novel from Middlesbrough writer Sue Curran

"Could not put down"