headshot of Sue Curran Writes women's fiction novels

About Me


Born in the north east of England, birthplace of well-known novelists Adele Parks and Pat Barker, I now live in Southern Ireland just outside of Cork, have done for over 20 years. Writing has been my passion since English lessons in school back in the 70’s.


It wasn’t until much later, amid a busy family life raising our three boys and working full-time as an office manager that I found time to get the stories inside my head down on paper.


In 2009 I wrote my first novel The Way of Life, set on the 95 mile walk of West Highland Way, but life got in the way and it was 2013 before the book was published.

In 2017 Kyla's Place was published. Exploring the intricacies of family relationships and how important a sense of belonging and of who we really are is,  Kyla hopes that unravelling the past will give her answers and direction.

I write for the love of storytelling. Life continues to get in the way but I will continue to write. Watch out for my 3rd novel coming soon!